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Some home improvement projects aren’t optional, as they might be necessary for safety. Electrical rewiring is one such project; it’s often needed in older homes, and when it becomes apparent that rewiring is required, you’ll need to reach out to a local electrician for a full house rewire. It’s imperative that you have the right professionals for this job. Fortunately, a master electrician will have to spend eight years learning the trade, according to Explore the Trades, and you’ll want that level of expertise for a job like this. Here are a few signs that your house might need rewiring.

1. Burning Smells

A burning smell in your home is a serious signal that something’s wrong with your home’s electrical systems. When heat starts coming off of faulty wires, a burning smell will result. This is a major fire hazard for your family. Get in touch with local electricians ASAP to take the right steps for your family’s safety; they may have you take certain steps when they’re on their way to your home.

2. Old Aluminum Wiring

In the mid-1960s, electricians started using single-strand aluminum wiring in response to the increased cost of copper. However, it was soon apparent that aluminum wiring poses a host of safety threats. If your home features the letters AL on the panel jacket, you should consult an electrician for a full house rewire.

3. Buzzing Noises

Buzzing coming from electrical outlets or walls could indicate that your wiring needs attention. Although buzzing doesn’t always necessarily mean the entire house needs rewiring, it can mean that repairs are needed. Either way, you’ll need the services of a qualified electrician for a proper inspection.

4. Loose Outlets

Loose outlets often indicate poor installation. If this is an issue throughout your house, you’ll want to have an electrician come out to inspect the outlets and wiring. They might discover that poor wiring is an issue throughout your home that needs immediate attention.

5. Blowing Fuses and Tripping Breakers

Although the occasional blown fuse or tripped breaker isn’t abnormal, it could mean there are bigger problems afoot. Usually, this indicates that the electrical flow in the house exceeded a certain number of amps. This is often the case in older homes that weren’t wired for modern electrical consumption.

These are just a few signs that you should contact a professional for a full house rewire project. If you’re looking for a qualified electrician, please contact our team at Boss Electrical Bristol today!